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Aging Hands

Hands age no matter what we do. Besides the issues that come from sun damage and neglect, your hands will lose substantial volume in the natural course of aging.

Sun exposure can make your hands look older faster, but the bigger problem is volume loss.

From plump and pretty to bony and “old”

The loss of volume that comes as you get older can make your hands look MUCH older than the rest of you. Veins become more prominent, tendons show and bones protrude.  One patient lamented that she had “skeleton hands”. They weren’t that bad, but she had taken such great care of her face and neck her hands were a total mismatch.

Once the fat layer is depleted, the only option is to replace it. Original treatments focused on fat transfer – but fat is “living” tissue, so some of it won’t survive the transplant. Repeat treatments are sometimes needed to get a smooth result.

Fat is living tissue, some some of it won’t survive. Fillers, on the other hand, are “what you see is what you keep”.

The Filler Solution

Fillers work in nearly every area of the face. They also work in your hands.

Wellness Med Art has two fillers that are “go-to” options for replacing volume in the backs of your hands – Radiesse and Voluma. Radiesse has been used for about 5 years and has proven to be very successful.  Newer Voluma – because of its ability to stay put and last a long time, is taking its place beside Radiesse. Either will accomplish the goal of restoring a more youthful look and feel to your hands. Results easily last up to a year.

Voluma is a high density hyaluronic gel we’ve been using for instant cheekbones. Radiesse is a calcium based filler that is also indiscernible from natural tissue once it’s injected.

You’ll know you’ve had a procedure, but everyone else will assume you are a lucky lady with lovely, young-looking hands!