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Non Surgical Nose Job

What is a Non Surgical Nose Job?

A non-surgical nose job (or injection rhinoplasty) is accomplished by injecting a filler into the areas of the nose that need to be changed. With a non-surgical nose job you can achieve some of the same changes that you would achieve with traditional surgery.

A traditional surgery to change the appearance of your nose is an open surgery, under general anesthesia. The recovery time takes months and is very painful. The results are irreversible. 

With a non-surgical treatment, there is no recovery period and no pain. You can continue on with your day following the injections. Many people prefer this type of treatment over the surgical procedure. Some want to have this treatment prior to a traditional surgical nose job (rhinoplasty), to see how they would look if they have the longer-lasting, permanent treatment. 

What are the most common areas that can be fixed with HA fillers?

Rebuilding nasal bridge and reshaping the tip of the nose are the most requested procedures. Rebuilding nasal bridge using HA filler will give a slimmer appearance to your nose and will also correct any bumps that you hate.

The doctors at Wellness Med Art will determine if you are the right candidate for non surgical rhinoplasty at the time of her consultation and will answer any questions you may have.